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Dr. Jefferson Sims is trained at Pankey Institute. What does it mean to you? While at Pankey Institute , one of the most advanced educational centers for dentists in the world, Dr. Sims met with some of the best dentists and dental instructors in the world! Dr. Sims is proud to have completed the entire continuum of courses at Pankey Institute; fewer than one-tenth of one percent of US dentists can make this claim. At the dental office of Dr. Sims each patient is treated as an individual with unique needs. Each patient is informed about the optimal oral health, esthetics available and about different options for dental treatment. Dr. Sims will take time to listen to your personal concerns and preferences, will take time to build trust and to help patients to understand the dental treatment plan.


The Comprehensive Exam

Discover the possibilities for your improved health, function and smile with Dr. Sims. The new patient comprehensive evaluation will help you to gain valuable insights as you talk about your past dental experiences and what you want for yourself.

Cosmetic Dentistry that Lasts

At the dental office of Dr. Jefferson Sims we'll make improvements to your smile while achieving a dentistry that is healthy and functional.

The fine Art of Dentistry

Every stage of dental restoration, a dental crown, dental bridge, fillings, etc. can be made to achieve not only an esthetic and natural looking teeth, but properly functioning teeth. A restoration also has to be able to stand up to the forces of your bite.

Matching the color of the restoration is important. To achieve the natural looking teeth restoration, Dr. Jefferson Sims will work with gradations of color, transulcency and reflectivity of the restoration, like an artist!

  Porcelain Veneers

  Dental Crowns

  Dental Implants

  Dental Fillings


  Sedation Dentistry


  Sedation Dentistry

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